A Message
from our CEO

As we celebrate 70 years of service in Alaska, I am reminded of the incredible journey we have embarked upon,

from a small cooperative to Alaska’s beacon of connectivity, which underscores a legacy of innovation and a commitment to the communities we serve.

Reflecting on our history, from the early days when reliable phone service was a luxury in the Matanuska Valley to the present, where our services facilitate everything from remote work to online education and global gaming, it’s evident that MTA has been a key driver of connectivity in Alaska. Our seven decades of service are rich with progress, highlighted by key technological innovations and milestones from the earliest phone lines in the Valley to the historic AlCan ONE project, which have helped shape the future of connectivity in Alaska.

In 2023, we embraced a new mission statement encapsulating our enduring commitment:
“To be Alaska’s beacon of connectivity.”

It reflects our dedication to using technology to bring people together and our role in empowering communities across Alaska, ensuring they have the tools and resources to succeed in an increasingly connected world.

Our journey has been one of constant adaptation and forward-thinking. We’ve transitioned from manual operations to the introduction of internet services and, more recently, launched features like Boost to even further enhance all of the possibilities that the digital experience can offer our members. These innovations are about expanding our service offerings and reimagining what connectivity means for Alaskans.

As CEO, I witness firsthand the talent and dedication of our team every day. Their efforts have propelled MTA to the forefront of the telecommunications industry, even as we find ourselves at a greater distance than most in the contiguous United States.

Our commitment to future-proofing our services, products, and workforce ensures that we remain relevant and responsive to the needs of our members.

Looking ahead, I am confident that MTA will continue to lead the charge in innovating, connecting and empowering the great state of Alaska. Our past is rich with achievements, our present is dynamic and responsive, and our future is bright with the promise of continued innovation and growth.

Here’s to celebrating our storied past, embracing the present challenges and opportunities with resolve, and looking forward to a future where the bright spirit of Alaska continues to shine through our efforts at MTA.

Michael Burke

Michael Burke - CEO